The Insufferable Know-It-All and Her Man.
The  third chapter is posted. Please check TPP for it.

Let's keep the hair up.
I am doing an apprenticeship under a chef at a french restaurant. I need to keep my hair tied up neatly all the time and I also want to look good. I have long wavy hair. It goes below the waist band of my jeans. So, anybody has any idea how can I keep it tied nicely? I've tried french braid but it takes me a long time to do it. I like french twist but not so adept at that too. I tried Googling updo for long hair but came up with messy, loose hair style. Do you sweet sweet, lovely, angelic people know about videos that my teach me an easy, steady french twist or any other hair do? Please, please, please post the link.

Writer's Block: Bon appétit!
Mushrooms sauteed with garlic as starter, grilled lobster with a spicy sauce as main, a fresh, light salad on the side, really rich and decadent chocolate gateau with a scoop of chocolate ice cream made of Swiss and Belgium chocolate respectively. Drink.... I don't really drink much but with this, I will want Champagne.  

Help a Lost Soul
I am writing a multi-chaptered SS/HG fic. Slightly AU, mostly canon. looking for a beta. English is not my native language, so I need quite a lot of help. Any one? Please.....

Hi, I am raisa_fd_mg. My real name is Raisa, fd stands for funktastic dreamer, my Ashwinder name, and mg stands for marauder girl, my TPP name. I have been into fanfiction for years, very recently I am writing a multi-chaptered ss/hg fic in TPP named Insufferable-know-it-all and Her Man. I am in my very early twenties, studying English Literature and Language at college. I love ss/hg, Potterverse, chocolate, debating and cooking.


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